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Pinpoint the Most Effective (and Natural) Marketing Strategy for Your Personality and Build a Profitable Business You'll Love!

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you're like most coaches, speakers, and authors looking to monetize your expertise online, you are probably feeling really overwhelmed with all the things you should be doing to grow your business.

There are hundreds and hundreds of marketing and business growth strategies out there.

The problem?

You don’t really know which ones are right for you.

So you might become distracted, overwhelmed, and essentially paralyzed with all the choices and decisions you have to make. In other words, you get sucked into the complexity of what you think you must do to grow a business.

Right now, you might be actually wasting a lot of your time and energy on strategies that don’t work. Trying things that land in your inbox, reacting to every new trend or advice that may be coming at you.

And because of that, growth stalls.

The solution?

Design Your Growth Strategy Around Your "Marketing Superskills" and Grow Your Business Without Burnout!

The method I want to share with you allows you to EASILY DISCERN what to focus on and where you biggest opportunities are, while dropping everything else that stands in the way of your growth.

Here's how it works...

You want to design your business around your biggest "SUPERSKILLS" - those natural skills, abilities, tendencies, and beliefs, where results come with ease, your clients fall in love with you, and your income multiplies!

No more pushing, grinding, or "drowning" in your business.


When you strategically connect every area of your business to your biggest natural abilities, talents, and strengths, frustration and overwhelm disappear, and all of your business decisions become clear and obvious.

Your marketing works, your clients love you, your network is growing, and you get known as the go-to expert in your niche.

That's what you want, right?

How I Discovered My "Superskills" and Built a Seven-Figure Coaching Business

My name is Milana Leshinsky.

Over the last two decades I built several highly successful businesses online, including Coaching Millions, Recurring Revenue Revolution, JV Insider Circle, and Simplicity Circle.

I am also known as the inventor of the telesummit, or a virtual summit as they’re called today, and the founder of Coaching Genie, a revolutionary software for coaches who want to deliver high-value, high-touch coaching programs online.

As I look over the two decades of my business journey, here's what I see...

Every time I took a leap in my income and made the biggest impact, it was because I applied my superskills. And every time I felt drained, anxious, and frustrated, or when my income dropped, it was because I leaned away from my superskills.

When I started teaching my method to overwhelmed and frustrated business owners, I saw them they experience a complete shift! They FINALLY saw why they haven’t been able to grow their businesses and what they needed to do next to break through to the next level of income.

Here's what I also learned...

You may not be fully aware of your superskills - even if you’ve been in business for years!

All you know is that growing your business feels hard. Maybe it feels like you’re climbing a mountain or running an obstacle course. You get stuck all the time and you keep losing your motivation.

I Heard All About Getting Into My "Genius Zone" - How Is This Different?

We often hear people talk about finding your “genius zone”.

They say, “You just need to get into your genius zone!”

But working in your genius zone doesn't mean you'll start making more money... This is why even people who are great at speaking, writing, teaching, or networking can still be broke!

You might know some people who are really great at networking – they network all day long, meeting people for lunch, inviting people for coffee, connecting with people on the phone, attending networking events.

But they are still struggling to get clients or make sales.

You might know some people who are awesome speakers and they get standing ovations, but they walk away without clients. I also know many people who are really great at teaching and training, but they NEVER SELL ANYTHING!

That’s because simply understanding your genius zone is not enough to grow your business!

You want to build your superskills into every aspect of your business and connect them to getting more clients and growing your revenue.

And that's what my "Marketing SuperSkills Toolkit" is all about!

Are You Ready to Discover Your Natural Marketing Style, Get Rid of Overwhelm and Confusion, and Fall in Love with Your Marketing?

Every business needs to market and sell.

HOW you do it will be guided by your superskills.

This pillar focuses on discovering your “Marketing Superskills
” and designing a marketing strategy based on your results.

If you’re like most people, you probably have a love-and-hate relationship with marketing – you love it when it works; you hate it when it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t work and people are not buying, you may start questioning your value and experience self-doubt.

In fact, right now, you are probably totally buried in marketing – so many choices, methods, systems, ideas!
Let me show you how to get rid of marketing overwhelm and confusion for GOOD!

Marketing your business can be as simple as BEING YOU! That's what the Marketing Superskills Toolkit will do for you!

Trying to use strategies and methods outside of your Marketing SuperSkills is ineffective, time-consuming, and can be very frustrating.

With the Marketing Superskills
Toolkit, you'll be able to:

You'll be able to design your marketing strategy and your entire marketing "funnel" to fit with your greatest natural abilities, so that growing your business feels as EASY as second nature.

You'll finally be able to see how to use all the tools and strategies out there - social media, joint venture partnerships, list building, blogging, launches, video marketing, etc. - in a way that leverages your "superskills" and feels simple.

You’ll end up with your own Unique Marketing Personality Roadmap – a custom report designed specifically for your personality that tells you exactly how to attract prospects and convert them into clients based on your assessment results.

Pinpoint the most effective and most ideal marketing strategy for YOU, and decide which marketing activities you should focus on and which ones you should stop doing.

Discover the best ways to grow your mailing list, attract prospects, leverage social media, get referrals, create content, and enroll clients - ALL guided by your assessment results.

Understand your Natural marketing style and how to apply it to grow your business with ease.

Get It Now - $997
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Get the Toolkit Now
Only $497

As soon as you purchase this toolkit, you will receive access to the following items:

  • Marketing SuperSkills Assessment
  • Marketing SuperSkillsReport and Strategy Guide
  • 7 short videos walking you through the process, explaining your unique marketing personality, and guiding you through designing your marketing strategy based on your assessment results.
  • A link to schedule a private coaching session with Milana Leshinsky to review your results and help you optimize your marketing strategy.

"Milana, you have NO IDEA how long I have been waiting for something like this. You are changing my whole world!"

I finally discovered why many things did not work for my business. I now get to express who I am as an entrepreneur, what my products are, how my site should feel, look, and be structured, what my signature talk should be, etc. I liked the simple yet insightful structure of the toolkit. Every piece reveals more and more of me as an entrepreneur.

Dr. Marina Kostina, Money With a Soul

"This Is The MOST Clear And Excited I've Been In Years!”

“I wish I had found Milana 10 years ago! I feel like I’ve gotten pieces that were completely missing from all of the programs and high-level masterminds I’ve purchased before. I no longer struggle with what my next steps should be. Milana’s clarity in her teaching is mind-blowing!”

Abby Rohrer, Money Karma Coach

"Experienced a 180-degree Turn In My Business!”

“I feel so jazzed and enthusiastic! I experienced a 180-degree turn in my business and I have truly found MY way to be successful as an entrepreneur! The Simplicity Filter is especially brilliant because it creates the internal alignment so you create a business you truly love!”

Kate Fotopolous, The Un-Retirement Community

Get It Now - $997
Only $497

I am always attracted to the latest "must do" marketing strategies and it was exhausting. As a time starved mompreneur, I needed to have greater focus and understanding of what would work for me. Also, given limited marketing dollars, this toolkit gave me greater focus and helped me dial into how I need to be growing my business. I have now developed a plan for how I am going to move forward in my business in the coming year. I will also be able to say, "NO" to "You must do this to get business" from the Gurus who are selling their programs and marketing products! I also know what to say YES to!.

Amy Schoen

Everything! Everything changed. I realize I have been building my business backwards against better knowing. I have spent so much, and been so broke and broken. I had high hopes for this toolkit, and I am writing a plan for the first time since I started, and it's totally filled with action steps that feel good to me. I have peeled off a lot of what I thought I needed, and actually changed the whole image I had of myself in the online market place. Milana, thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my business. I believe in me again!

Jamie Siv Rognstad

All the information out there and methods recommended were confusing. This program has helped me develop clarity on what to do next and how to do it. As a result I feel confident in moving forward with my business.

Aamer Iqbal

Absolute clarity, serenity, focus, and excitement! This program has given me clarity and focus like never before! I finally understood why I sometimes struggled and often worked too hard, why I sometimes did not have good results or been exhausted and drained in my business. And I can now be excited and indulge in what I love to do most. I know exactly what I am doing for the rest of they year and into the next year, and what my business looks like going forward.

Helaine Treitman, Argentine Tango Mentor and Educator

Get It Now - $997
Only $497